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If you do not wish to receive a full body massage, or if your condition does not allow you to receive a full body massage, we can have a consultation and I can advise which oils you can use to help you go back to your optimal state of health and well-being.

Consultation is particular suitable if you want to receive some advice on :

- children issues : how to strenghten their immune system, help digestive, respiratory, skin, sleeping problems, hyperactivity...

- pre-natal discomforts : nausea, swollen legs, insomnia, heartburn, back pain, viral or bacterial infections ...

- how to treat specific and localized problems : athlete foot, acne, eczema, scars, sore throat, headaches...

I can offer a variety of blends, depending on your needs:

- nasal inhaler (for respiratory or psychological/emotionnal issues)

- essential oil blends for topical application in oil or gel base (for example for pain, skin problems,...)

- synergies for inhalation, gargling (for example for sinusitis, sore throat...)

To know more about Aromatherapy in general and the kind of conditions it can help with

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