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Massage is one of the best way to benefit from the properties of the essential oils.

"The application of essential oils trough aromatherapy massage is a method that is enhanced by the physiological benefits of massage itelf.

Its ability to promote the flow of blood and lymph and to improve nervous conductivity, give it the capacity both to soothe tension and increase vital energy. Safe and supportive, therapeutic touch also posses the power to convey a sense of emotional wellbeing.

Carried out by a well-trained practionner, it can transform and renew." Gabriel Mojay, Aromatherapy for healing the spirit

Massage itself may include the following benefits:

·       Increases circulation

·       Assists detoxification, toxin elimination

·       Strengthens the immune system

·       Deeply relaxes / energizes according to the objectives

·       Improves body image and general sense of well-being

There are different ways that essential oils constituents may affect your body and mind during a massage:

- through the skin:

Essential oils constituents are indeed absorbed through the skin and enter the bloodstream where they can circulate around the body. They may have an effect on tissues, organs and various systems.

- through inhalation:

Essential oil constituents are also absorbed via the olfactory system, reaching the brain where they may trigger the release of neurochemicals which affect mood, and may be for example invigorating, calming or analgesic. 


During our first consultation we will go through a quite in-depth questionnaire to help me understand your medical history, life style and condition. I will then select some oils and prepare a blend tailored to your needs and your personal preference. I will then apply the blend on your body using Swedish massage technique, which are using long, flowing and gentle strokes.


You will lie on a comfortable massage bed and in order to respect your privacy and keep you warm and comfortable you will be fully covered by bed sheet and towels: only the area massaged will be uncovered. Areas massaged are: back, legs, belly, arms, hands, chest and neck, and face (optional). If for any reason there is an area that you don’t want to be massaged, please let me know beforehand so that I can adapt the massage for you.

It is recommended not to shower after the massage (please wait for at least 2-3 hours) for better absorption of the oils into the body.


Following our session, I  may also formulate a blend for you to use in between session to support your condition and/or to adress other issues that may not have been addressed during the aromatherapy massage.

More information about aromatherapy and the kind of condition it can help with 

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