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About De Saint Hilaire

Over 20 years ago, De Saint-Hilaire chose to establish its distillery in the Livradois-Forez Natural Park, in the heart of the Auvergne, in France, a nature preservation area with great floral diversity. By doing so, De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery promotes local development, entrusting local farmers with the cultivation and harvest of medicinal and aromatic plants. Of course, this supply process is carried out with respect for the environment and resource management. Choosing to offer almost exclusively organic products is a firm resolution of the company. For the consumer, it is also a guarantee that they enjoy healthy and natural products of high quality.


Wild or cultivated in accordance with the Agriculture Biologique regulations (the French Organic Farming certification organization), the aromatic plants are dried, distilled, or macerated in De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery.


De Saint-Hilaire’s distillery has developed a unique azeotropic distillation process with a temperature of 88°C that makes it possible to extract all the plants’ molecules, and guarantees the essential oils’ high quality, as well as their exceptional energy. With this distillation process, not only do we produce essential oils, we also make organic hydrosols (or flower waters), such as the precious rose water; refreshing and fragrant.

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